Daily Sabah: Who’s holding whose hands in Syria and Iraq?

Levant's Agora

By Hakkı Öcal.

When I opined that U.S. President Joe Biden’s George W. Bush-era carryover foreign and security policy team would create two so-called Kurdish statelets in Syria and Iraq, some Turks, Kurds and Farsi friends objected. After the two Kurdish statelets, I predicted that they would push them to merge to create a security curtain for Israel against Iran and to dismember Türkiye and Iran by providing an exemplification for their ethnic Kurdish people.

Their main anchor points in the argument against my suggestion were that the “Syrian Kurdish State” would not be an authentic “Syrian Kurdish” entity, but it would be owned and operated by PKK terrorists based in Türkiye. They also said the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq would never join forces with the PKK terrorist group’s Syrian wing, the YPG, let alone merge with a state created by them.

If you really have time to…

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