Cult Leader David Miscavige is On the Run, and Idaho Quadruple Stabber Suspect Arrested.

Digital Empire

Scientology leader David Miscavige is ‘nowhere to be found’: Prosecutors trying to serve federal trafficking suit against him have tried to reach him 27 times over four months but have failed to locate him

Prosecutors trying to serve David Miscavige with a federal child trafficking lawsuit say that the mysterious leader of Scientology is ‘nowhere to be found.’

Authorities have attempted to serve papers to Miscavige, 62, on 27 different occasions over the course of four months in the Clearwater-area in Florida and in Los Angeles, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

When lawyers appeared at Scientology properties and asked security guards about Miscavige’s whereabouts, the guards said that they were clueless. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have even hired a private investigator in an attempt to track him down.

At one point, lawyers even took the direct route and sent an Instagram message to the church’s official account to ask…

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