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Nicolas Cinquini

the crude reality of political Ukraine, the hypocrisy of the proxy war that the West is conducting

US Marine Corps colonel Andrew Milburn on December 4, 2014

Reason does not allow to suspect that he could be an agent of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence. I let the exercise to the mainstream tinfoil hats. Andrew Milburn was deputy commander of the Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT), when he retired in March 2019, after a 31-year military career. Since March 2022, he is chief executive officer within the Mozart Group, a private security company, named in tribute to the Russian enemy, Wagner private military company (PMC). Mozart has been created after the beginning of the Russian special military operation for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, in order to deliver critical capabilities to Ukrainian frontline units. In other words, his livelihood is preventing a quick demilitarization…

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