The Political Class and Its Conspiracy of Silence

Good perspective from elsewhere


Dr Muiz Banire SAN

This article by learned Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr Muiz Banire, gives an overview of extent of the violence and insecurity that has encompassed practically all parts of the country, and chastises Politicians for being more interested in the upcoming elections of 2023, rather than being part of the solution to our present problems; reminding us about Somalia, Liberia and Rwanda, wondering if perhaps, there will be anything left to govern in 2023 if things are allowed to continue like this


The security situation in Nigeria, has become wholly intractable. What started as an isolated case of insurgency in some parts of Borno State, has become a national malaise rapidly expanding and threatening the fragile fabric of the nation called Nigeria. The human losses at present have befuddled our capacity to take records, and there is hardly an accurate account of people already consumed by…

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