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This is the greatest film of the millennium. And I use that word “film” intentionally, it is not simply a movie

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Reactions to allegations of antisemitismEdit

Roger Ebert gave The Passion of the Christ a very good review and defended it against allegations of anti-semitism.

Film critic Roger Ebert, who awarded The Passion of the Christ 4 out of 4 stars in his review for the Chicago Sun-Times, denied allegations that the film was anti-semitic. Ebert described the film as “a powerful and important film, helmed by a man with a sincere heart and a warrior’s sense of justice. It is a story filled with searing images and ultimately a message of redemption and hope.” Ebert said “It also might just be the greatest cinematic version of the greatest story ever told.”[109]

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas also disagreed with allegations of antisemitism and wrote in Townhall: “To those in the Jewish community who worry that the film might contain anti-Semitic elements, or encourage people to…

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