The ‘New Free World’

Gilbert Doctorow

In a recent exchange with readers in the Comments section of my website, I was asked whether Russians’ longtime inferiority complex vis-à-vis the West has shown any sign of changing during 2022. I was obliged to remark that the greater issue since the launch of the “Special Military Operation” has been the emergence of a Russian ‘superiority complex’ based on scorn for the gutless leaders of Western Europe as shown by their committing economic suicide to suit their overlords in Washington.

From the very first days of the war there was overconfidence in the Russian political and military leadership regarding their ability to subdue the Ukrainian military, together with its neo-Nazi brigades and NATO advisers. That overconfidence suffered a bruising blow in the first weeks as Russia experienced heavy personnel and equipment losses in its drive to take Kiev. But it quickly resurfaced once Russia re-strategized its conduct of the…

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