Thank God I took the Under! (Kinda Sad) The Updated Version.

Missed this one

TLAMN Incoming

Edit: Hey there, Campers! Sorry for my absence; I am sure you lot noticed, lol. Running Data has been a bitch, and we are far from finished. Before we get to the caustic sarcasm, I want to take a moment and add what I forgot to write this morning. (I’m exhausted, sorry) During the General Election on 08 November, Incumbent GOP Governor Kemp won. Let’s look for a Pattern or two?

GA ranks 9th in TEV (Total Eligible Voters) Percentage at 95% Saturation. (2021 Numbers; 2022 released FEC and Georgia SOS End of Year). The GOP LOST, and the DEMs did not “Win”. “What the Hell..?” Allow me to explain. They did beat the Conservatives OTG, but nothing spectacular or worthy of celebrating and dancing around like idiots, this was the RNC’s Contest to lose, and they did so in style.

State of Georgia Voters (TEV) = 7,866,677

State of…

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