Teddy Roosevelt, A Psychotic Warmonger ??

The World We Live In

AUGUST, 1914


Planning for “The Great War” (World War I) began at least 20 years in advance of the event itself. The real perpetrators of the coming mass slaughter are the overlapping alliance of Globalism and Zionism along with the governing chauvinistic elite of Britain and France. The main objectives of the war (concealed from the people) include the disintegration and subjugation of the German, Austro- Hungarian and Ottoman Empires; the opening-up of Turkish-ruled Palestine to Jewish immigration from Europe; and the establishment of a skeletal structure for world government – the “League of Nations.”

When World War I kicks off in 1914, the war-loving cowboy immediately throws his support behind the Allies (France & UK, but not so much Russia) over the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary & Turkey). Not to digress too much into the vast subject of “The Great War”; but…

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2 thoughts on “Teddy Roosevelt, A Psychotic Warmonger ??

  1. Warmonger? I have also said that he was one of the last American “colonizers”/adventurers.

    The only thing that I have to say to defend him is that he either sent himself or his sons into conflicts that he was behind.

    I can’t say that about other pos politicians these days. (Beau Biden was a tent hobbit JAG). No one pushes their kids or family members into some sense of obligation.

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  2. I’ve heard somewhere that if Teddy Roosevelt was president instead of Woodrow Wilson then he would of gone into the the European conflict right from the start in 1914.

    Also Teddy Roosevelt did nothing wrong. Rough Riders Über Alles. Manifest Destiny is/was a beautiful thing.

    What matters in the end is whose at the helm of power, as of now we are an occupied territory of ZOG which must end for our true freedom/independence.

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