Jacob I Loved; Esau I Hated


When I was a younger Christian, I listened infrequently to James White, and while I found some of the content good, I always had some issues with some of his doctrinal stances. As I realized how repulsed I was by Calvinist doctrine, the issues grew, and I have a hard time listening very long these days. Despite that, I encountered some of his work recently on – surprise surprise – his doctrine of God’s exhaustive divine determinism. This seems to be the central doctrine for him.

James White is not unique in appealing to the words of Paul in Romans 9 where Paul quotes Genesis: “Jacob I loved; Esau I hated”. White claims that we should not be surprised that God says He hated Esau, but that He loved Jacob, because we are sinners and we deserve God’s hatred. God can choose who He’d like to choose to bestow His…

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