‘Europe and America have gone mad’

Not Something Else

For those who have big sticks, it seems necessary for them to be waved in belligerent manner.

For those who possess the biggest stick of all, it seems sufficient to simply let that be known.

Hence why Russia does not need to threaten the west with the use of its powerful nuclear/conventional weapon systems but the west feels that talk of ‘decapitation strikes’ is somehow going to unnerve Russia – or would be any solution to the problems faced by the west as a consequence of such action.

Well, we did not start it, but we have the power to stop it.

Sergey Lavrov (Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs) spoke in an interview with TASS – ‘Europe and America have gone mad

It is simply not sufficient for me to talk about this particular situation – and there are a lot of things I could say – nor…

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