Energy economy and lies

The Price of Liberty

As the major powers – particularly the cabal in DC – try to change the world and where we get the energy that is essential to progress, peace, prosperity, and much more, we see some disturbing trends.

It is not just that countries like Germany and France have allowed themselves to take sides in the Russian-Ukraine war and therefore opened themselves (and the rest of western Europe) to Russian sanctions on oil and gas. Thus creating shortages that have forced them to reverse their embrace of “green” power (wind, solar) and go back to nuclear and coal power. It is not the Biden regime’s crackdown and planned elimination of coal- and even gas-powered electrical production. Nor China’s growing (and justified) fear of losing the critical supplies of oil and gas which come from elsewhere.

Some of it is very basic.

Lies about pipelines in the past have had major impacts…

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