Data to Structure – New Paradigms in System Monitoring

Artificial Intuition

Contemporary real time system monitoring appears to be the same in each discipline and field of application. Whether it is an aircraft, a chemical plant, a hospitalized patient or an assembly line, the logic is always the same:

  • Deploy a set of sensors
  • Establish admissible upper and lower bounds for each sensor (channel)
  • Define a nominal value for each channel
  • Monitor deviation from nominal
  • Trigger alarm if value approaches one of the bounds

The surprising thing is that only on rare occasions are the relationships or inter-dependencies between data channels analyzed. And yet, if one has N data channels, the number of possible channel inter-dependencies is (N x N – N)/2. For N=100 this is nearly 5000. These inter dependencies establish structure, a map, or a graph, which, at the end of the day, illustrates how things work. Knowing which channels vary together, and how they do it (in a…

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