China: from ‘covid zero’ to ‘covid thousand’.


Yesterday the Hong Kong media reported that pandemic figures have soared in China and that the number of deaths and hospitalisations due to “covid” has increased. The conclusion seems obvious: the cause is the end of the “covid zero” policy and the situation has reached the other extreme: “covid thousand”. Therefore, the Chinese government should never have given in to popular pressure against the confinements.

If we move from conventional media to official statements, yesterday the Chinese government announced the deaths of two patients in Beijing, the only two so far since health restrictions were lifted on 7 December.

Who should we listen to?

When it comes to China, the “serious” press cannot listen to official statements and resorts to looking for witnesses, occasional “experts” and, finally, to rummaging through social networks. “The [official] figures don’t tell the whole story,” says Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease expert from Singapore.

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