A New Cold War Turning Hot


US dependency on China and Russia have long been building. Those dependencies deepened with the CoVid lab leak in late-2019 resulting in a doubling of our trade deficit under the Biden Regime.

Amidst rising fragility, the Biden Regime amped-up the confrontation. In 2021, the Regime redeployed from Afghanistan to confront Russia — China’s ally — through its Ukrainian proxy which the DC Establishment has been arming, supplying, and financing since the CIA-backed coup in 2014.

Ukraine launched the first strike on break-away Russian nationals in Donbass on February 17, 2022. Russia responded with military intervention a week ago.

The Biden Regime further upped the ante in March with sanctions aimed at breaking Russia.

That didn’t go as planned as Russia responded to the shock.

Instead of “regime change” in Moscow by the mid-terms, we now have US and Europe facing ever higher energy prices as Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and…

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