15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

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TOPICS:Economic CollapseMichael Snyder

DECEMBER 21, 2022

ByMichael Snyder

Economic conditions just keep getting worse. As we prepare to enter 2023, we find ourselves in a high-inflation environment at the same time that economic activity is really slowing down. And just like we witnessed in 2008, employers are conducting mass layoffs as a horrifying housing crash sweeps across the nation. Those who have been waiting for the U.S. economy to implode can stop waiting, because an economic implosion has officially arrived. The following are 15 facts that prove that a massive economic meltdown is already happening right now…

#1Existing home sales have now fallenfor 10 consecutive months.

#2Existing home sales are down35.4 percentover the last 12 months. That is the largest year-over-year decline in existing home salessince the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

#3Homebuilder sentiment has now droppedfor 12…

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