Urban vs. Rural, Notional vs. Real

The American Sun

For my own part, I think you should flee the cities and the suburbs as quickly as you can. Rural life is really no safe refuge against the onslaught of leftist aggression, and small-town life is fraught with problems, though nothing remotely comparable to those of city life. The main reason to escape the cities (if you can) is to experience the vestiges of life before the phantasms of television and computer existence replaced what was known as reality for every other generation of humans beforehand. In small towns, there still exists a generation that came of age before the Revolution of 1968. Men whose ideal of dress is plaid shirts, suspenders and slacks, and women whose idea of sociality is bringing casseroles and cakes to neighbors. There are still diners that didn’t get squashed by Applebee’s that don’t blare classic rock and coffee shops that play the local lousy…

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