Raise Good money, extract confessions from the Bad, and defect from the Ugly

The Slog

Much fanfare in Washington as Ukrainian CIA puppet Vlodomore Zelenskyy gives passionate speeches and makes impassioned pleas to establish just how real is his passion for having lots of money and power. The red carpet was rolled out in full, Congress rolled up en masse and no doubt, before he returns to the battle that nobody in the media seems able to find, dopey money will start rolling in for Vlodo the Plucky and the defence of democracy against the Rasputin the Mad Beast.

But the Truth is, Vlodo Zealouskyyyy is in Washington to have his arm comprehensively twisted on the issue of peace talks. What began as a plot to distract one and all with the provision of a reason to launch bioweapons against Russia (after eight years of blatant attacks on Russian speakers in The Ukraine) has angered American allies, left EU diplomats divided and strengthened Putin’s position…

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