Holy Debt!


Get ready, folks, because Biden is driving us home.

I’ve never seen such an aggressive takedown of a country before, not like this, not personally. It would be more honest, more American, to just let the missile’s fly and the baby’s cry.

I remember when people used to care about such things. The higher the debt, the greater the inflation, until the system simply collapses in on itself.

31.4 trillion dollars as of this afternoon!

Now, I know that it’s always been a scam and I won’t go into how the money system has really been in place just to enslave people. You either understand that already or you don’t.

Here’s what the debt was earlier this year, just a few months ago at 30.4 trillion dollars! That was in May, 2022 – just 7 months ago!!! Click the pic to see the post:

When the system crashes,

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