US Social Media – Secret Police From FBI and CIA Dominate Facebook and Twitter Censorship – By Mellissa Koenig (DailyMail) 22 Dec 2022


Twitter files have revealed the close relationship with the FBI, how the Bureau regularly demanded accounts and tweets be banned and suspicious contact before the Hunter laptop story was censored.

The documents detailed how so many former FBI agents joined Twitter’s ranks over the past few years that they created their own private Slack channel.

A report by Mint Press’ Alan MacLeod identified dozens of Twitter employees, who had previously held positions at the Bureau, by tracking down their LinkedIn profiles

He alsofoundthat former CIA agents made up some of the top ranks in almost every politically-sensitive department at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

And in another report, MacLeod detailed the extent to which former CIA agents started working atGoogle.

It remains unclear whether any of these former agents have worked with their previous employers in a coordinated effort to quash any…

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