Ukraine Da, WW III Nyet

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Russia is an industrial nation and is still sending tanks into Belarus. They also sent 200 new T-90 tanks into the Donbass. They are so confident of victory in the Ukraine that they expect the Neocons in the US and Great Britain to flail about trying to start WW III when, not if, their Ukraine project fails as did their projects in Afghanistan, Libya and the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines.

The Duran Youtube channel said Neocons are willing to take any risk because their bad decisions never lead to bad things like losing their jobs or their positions of decision making power. The Duran also said Neocons do not calculate resources and costs as the taxpayers of the US, the UK and Europe pay for their failures. The Duran sees this ending badly for the people of the United States.

Russia’s decision to expand and modernize their…

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