The Genetics of Latin America


1. Introduction
2. Summary
3. Figures/Images
4. Sources

1. Introduction

Unlike my previous articles on racial/ethnic genetics, this article will not contain a detailed breakdown or history for each region. It contains a few figures/images lifted from studies that summarize the genetics of each country in Latin America. Some countries are missing because it was impossible to find data on those regions.

Unfortunately, self-reported “race” in Latin America often does not align with the genetic data, so I couldn’t use that as a stand-in. I’ve seen a lot of cases where people who are 20% Black claim to be “White,” and where people who are 80% White claim to be “Amerindian,” and so on.

I will update this article in the future when I find more data.

2. Summary

Latin America is genetic chaos, to put it bluntly. Unlike North America, where miscegenation was banned and discouraged, centuries of…

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