Ten Whale Groups Slam Atlantic OSW

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Ten whale protection groups, including some prestigious names, filed lengthy and highly critical comments on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s “DRAFT BOEM and NOAA Fisheries North Atlantic Right Whale and Offshore Wind Strategy, October 2022”. Below are some excerpts to give the flavor of their anger.

Note that NARW is the severely endangered North American Right Whale, the shrinking population of which migrate up and down the East Coast every year. The migration route passes or crosses the numerous proposed offshore wind sites, with potentially thousands of huge wind turbines in their path. Hence the deep concern.

Here are the whale protection groups:

American Cetacean Society

(Cetaceans are whales, porpoises and dolphins)

Save the Whales

(The original defender)

Whales of Guerrero

The Great Whale Conservancy

Gotham Whales

Ocean Conservation Society

Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island, Inc.

Ocean Conservation Research

Sea Life…

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