Sucker Punched: Farmers Who Sign Up For Wind Turbines On Their Land Always Live to Regret It


When the wind industry fiasco inevitably grinds to a halt sometime in the next decade, those that entertained it – be it gullible farmers who traded 30 pieces of silver to destroy their communities or the local governments that rubber-stamped the planning applications that permitted it – are going to be left with a monumental cleanup bill.

In Australia, the wind industry and its puppets planted in planning Departments continue to lie about who will really be responsible for removing thousands of rusting hulks, their toxic blades and 500-800m3 (1,000 plus tonne) reinforced concrete bases.

But, it’s not just being duped that has turbine hosts rueing the day they let a developer anywhere near their property. It’s the fact that wind power outfits couldn’t care less about their farming operations; and being the subjects of social ostracism from former friends, relatives and neighbours that has really hit home.


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