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The Price of Liberty

From some thoughts by Rob Morse:

When we look at the rate of murderper 100,000 people, theUS ranks 89thin a list of 230 countries. If we compare countries in Europe witheach state in the US, then Norway, Washington DC, and Belgium lead the list with the greatest number of people killed in mass murder per million population. Florida, Germany and Italy are among the safest. When we look at the rate of mass murder events and the number of people killed by mass murder per 100,000 population, then theUS ranks 66th and 56thout of the 101 countries reporting a mass murder between 1998 and 2017. Even when we look at the rare events where more than 15 people were killed, then theUS is far saferthan Africa, Australia, and Israel. We are safer than France and Mexico where honest citizens are disarmed.

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