Net Zero, ESG, Carbon Offsets: The Climate Jargon Trickery Explained

Empire Diaries

Ratna and Nadim Siraj

December 20, 2022: Net Zero. ESG. Carbon Offsets. Carbon Credits. Cap-and-Trade. Carbon Footprint. Climate Tax. Natural Asset Companies… As corporate playmakers are moving at a hectic pace to groom populations around the world for a carefully engineered escalation of the climate change emergency, they have thrown at us certain catchphrases that appear appealing, scientific, and matter-of-fact.

But the fact of the matter is that these catchphrases, such as Net Zero and ESG, are inflated tactical terms manufactured by wily corporate spin doctors to seduce masses of people into accepting major disruptions that could be imposed as part of a reset of the global business landscape – all in the name of protecting nature and environment.

For all the big talk of saving the planet by folks in shiny suits at lavish UN summits, the coming climate-related disruptions are less about truthfully fixing the climate and more…

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