Leftists are Intellectual Cowards

Political Reactionary

There is one thing a leftist fears more than anything in the world: facing an opposing, argumented opinion.

I have debated leftists on quite a few occasions and quite a few different places. On leftist forums, this usually resulted in a ban. In Twitter and other social media exchanges, it resulted in me being blocked.

Reason for this is that the leftists are intellectual cowards. Majority of the leftists have no thoughts or opinions of their own: they merely repeat what they had been told. For this reason, opposing opinion makes them uncomfortable. Average leftist may know things, but will not understand them. As a consequence, any sort of debate will be an uphill struggle for him (or her): debate requires thinking and assessing evidence, not merely repeating a bunch of talking points.

This is actually ironic, since one would assume that leftism would require a high degree of abstract…

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