A Non-Dogmatic Approach to Marxism


Karl Korsch 1946

First Published: inPoliticsmagazine (New York, May 1946);
Source:Bureau of Public Secrets;
Transcribed: byAndy Blunden, for marxists.org 2003.

The documents here assembled are not meant as a contribution to the discussion for or against Marxism that has been conducted in this magazine for so many months. There is no use in discussing controversial points in any social theory (not even in that social theory which is commonly described as religion) unless such discussion is part of an existing social struggle. There must be several possibilities of action for the party, group, or class to which the social theory in question refers. The difference may concern social aims, tactics, forms of organization, or the definition of the enemy, of allies, neutrals, or the master plan (if any) to be based on one or another way of judging a given social situation or development…

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