So What Happens When Russia Captures 40,000 NATO Soldiers?

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The Ukraine is continuing to lose both soldiers and strategic positions in the Donbass frontlines. A leak from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense a couple of months ago said 125,00 of their soldiers had died and more than twice that many had sustained serious injuries. Today on the frontlines in the Donbass they are losing a battalion a day. This past week they replaced several brigades in the Donbass that had suffered 70% casualties.

The point is that the Ukrainians are depending on 40,000 NATO forces on the frontline. Other NATO soldiers are operating HIMARS and M777s systems because the Ukrainians do not have trained soldiers to spare. Over 6 weeks ago the Washington Post interviewed Ukrainian soldiers in a hospital in Nikolayev. One man said he had been a pig farmer 2 months before and had risen to the rank of tank commander. He had injured his back when…

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