Is It To Be This Year? This Holiday Season?

Not Something Else

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Our modern world is so confused, so twisted, so ‘unreal’ that sometimes it seems these are the only things that are real. I am taking a risk here, that I might for ever be considered a conspiracy theorist (if that is not already the case). But it is a risk worth taking, I believe. The truth is out there, somewhere. Whether this is it, we will have to wait to see. It may not be a long wait.

You may be aware of the story I am going to share today. It comes from a 2016 Tv series. I wasn’t personally aware of it until tonight, or last night, depending on the difference between your and my local time. I say that, only because you may have already formed an opinion, but take another look. Different sources may have taken dissimilar viewpoints at the…

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