Let’s Fix The Border Problem

The Lone Cactus

There really isn’t a big deal in fixing the border problem. It’s a couple of simple, yet rather expensive steps. The problem is that both parties are so dug in on denying the other side their number one issue, that they won’t be able to come together to solve the overall problem. So, let’s you and I do it, OK?

Here’s what needs to happen. Number one, the Republicans are right, the border is not secure and needs to be. So the very first thing we do is say, effective immediately, all persons entering the United States will be jailed for illegal entry. Currently, the penalty for entering the US illegally is six months in jail and up to a $250 fine. So, we build tent cities in the deserts of New Mexico, south Texas and Arizona. We do kind of what Joe Arpaio did back in the day when…

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