Easier to be Woke than Educated


The US is failing its poorest citizens, creating pretend issues from critical race theory to gender fluidity to forever wars while the real problems of advancing equality languish. Where is the quality education that was a ladder out of the slums? The inner city schools and colleges are now more likely to teach advocacy, dysphoria and victimization than the three R’s. These schools no longer seem to teach students to take charge of their own lives and create their own futures but to be powerless and angry victims of their forefathers’ past.

Anti-Woke Indian Immigrant Calls out Democrats on their Woke and Divisive Ideology Through CRT – Roasts Rep. Raskin and Rep. Tlaib

On Tuesday, Congressional Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Liberties Chairman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) convened a hearing…

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