US/Western War on Russia

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Hegemon USA has been at war on Russia since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin explained it, saying:

The empire of lies and its vassals “ha(ve) been brazenly draining and exploiting (Ukraine’s) resources, (pursuing) genocide and terror in Donbass, de-facto turn(ing) (the former nation-state of Ukraine) into a colony, and is now cynically using the (its) people as cannon fodder, a battering ram against Russia, as it keeps delivering weapons and munitions to (the US-installed regime), sending mercenaries, pushing it down the path of suicide.”

What’s gone on in Ukraine for nearly nine years has been repeated time and again by the empire of lies in pursuit of its megalomaniacal drive for unchallenged global hegemony — a self-defeating strategy, a failed one.

And wherever hegemon USA goes, its Western vassals follow — at the expense of their sovereignty, rights of their people, their well-being…

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3 thoughts on “US/Western War on Russia

  1. My country is an effing basket case…no active listening, no diplomacy, warmongering everywhere-all the time, infested with (settler-) colonial Zionists at every level and function of leg, exec branches…whose core national-security interests are not those of the US but those of Apartheid Israel. Needed: a new Declaration of Independence…also lessons on patriotism and (I must aver) wholesale regime change.

    “Empire of lies,” indeed.


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