The Data Problem


Today, data is essential to companies’ success, yet, at the same time, it is incumbent on them to ensure the privacy of that data.

By Sam Rehman, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer at EPAM Systems, Inc.

Data has become the currency of the modern world, with companies collecting around 2.5 quintillion bytes daily, helping them improve operations, optimize marketing efforts and boost functionality. And despite the grumbling of consumers concerning these data collection practices, it undeniably enhances the customer experience. Nevertheless, as businesses’ insatiable desire for data grows, data privacy becomes an ever more significant responsibility. While data is connected closely to an organization’s success, it also must be a good steward of its customer and partner data, particularly in light of increasing regulations from various governmental agencies across the globe.

Understanding the Data Loop

A fundamental aspect of securing customer and partner data is developing a firm understanding of…

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One thought on “The Data Problem

  1. Elegant words, delivered skillfully. But will some/many/most/all companies take them to heart and practice? I feel that I no longer have any privacy…my phone, TV, surely this computer are all “spying” on me…and for their and their business clients’ benefit, not for my consumer needs and satisfaction.

    Yes, a “problem”….


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