BRICS Is The Basis Of A New World Order

Oriental Review
by Imran SALIM

Amid the deepening global financial and economic crisis, the imbalance in international political and economic relations, as a result of the policy of the collective West led by the United States to impose a liberal world order based on special “rules”, the erosion of international law and the weakening of multilateral institutions, it is the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) that seek to establish a truly democratic world order without globalist domination on the principles of equal rights. The five BRICS stand for the removal of artificial barriers to world trade and monetary relations, as well as for the rejection of politically motivated sanctions.

The Russian special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of comprehensive Western sanctions against Moscow have intensified the process of changing the unfair and rule-based Western world order, as a large majority of countries in the global…

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