The Retvrn of Grandpa Simpson

The Serpent's Loft

I was listening to a podcast produced by the Asatru Folk Assembly. As it seems to be the trend with most podcasts now, material is often driven by a question/answer phase via an app. Which in this case was a good gamble as the questions were all good, not all podcasts can claim the same. As it went, one of the questions was regarding dating/marriage. What is the best time to marry, or by what time ought a man to have married. That was the question. No easy answers. Mr. Flavel, the host, did swimmingly. Of course. He’s a clever man. You have to be in order to make anything work that involves herding Asatruar, or Dissidents or any such thing sufficiently out of the mainstream light. The podcast is Victory Never Sleeps, if you have time, it’s worth your time.

At any rate. The segment forced me to check…

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