The Ashkenazi cabal has created the psychopandemic


The Ashkenazi cabal that runs the human flock – under the pretext of a non-existent pandemic – has accelerated the epochal transformation of society and the economy that it has long been planning. The World Economic Forum, which manages the transition, has been very clear: “You will own nothing, but you will be happier”. Is this not the relentless proclamation of “real communism”, the old workhorse of Satanism?

The Agenda has begun without fuss or undue protest, one only has to look around to see that. The passive acceptance of the muzzle, symbol of the faceless and disenfranchised, turns everyone into a cell in a huge anthill. It has become an inescapable habit, the most conspicuous and visible aspect of change.

But this is not enough, social relations and behaviours are also changing, perhaps in a more nuanced but equally decisive way. Distancing eliminates affectivity, the most spontaneous and natural…

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