Political ‘kryptonite’ and UK exceptionalism


A response by Sara Salyers on behalf of Salvo and Liberation.Scot setting our case and route to success.

Political ‘kryptonite’ and UK exceptionalism

(The route to the route to freedom)

Sara Salyers Dec ‘22

The question of Scottish sovereignty is almost always presented and argued solely from a standpoint within the ‘UK politico-legal bubble’. That is a kind of snake eating its own tail. It feeds into itself, self-referencing its own authority – and the basis of that authority – and relies heavily on the precedent of self-agreement for its legality. This becomes apparent, as soon as, and only, when you remove the UK’s constitutional and legal arguments, with respect to Scotland’s status within the Union, from the context of its own self-reference. The real context of the ‘independence debate’ is not internal UK law at all but international law and principle.

The state titling itself the United Kingdom was…

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