On FTX, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and the Future of Freedom

Rights and Freedoms

15 dec 2022

To those who might not fully understand the implications of the FTX implosion and the calls for crypto regulation – specifically the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren – let me attempt to enlighten you about what we are witnessing and what is at stake.

First, a brief background. I have been reporting on Bitcoin and the crypto movement since early 2012. I have also been paid in crypto for my journalism since around that same time. I have used it to buy flights and other goods, accepted it for my books and shirts, swapped one crypto for another, exchanged it in true peer-to-peer fashion in person, etc. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have actually lived the crypto life and because I haven’t used a bank since 2008 it has also helped me move money around without a government…

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