Let’s End The Hypocrisy

The Lone Cactus

I’ve written about this for eons. I’ve talked for what seems like decades about the fact that we have what liberals are decrying is “an emergency that will end mankind”, and yet they continue their tarnished ways, and we continue to live.

I’m talking about climate change.

I’m not a climate change denier. Climate change IS occurring. After all climate change is the actual definition of climate. Yes…climates change over time. Earth has had more than one instance of an ice age. Are we covered in ice today? No? That would be a climate change, wouldn’t it? The Sahara Desert in Africa was once a virtual Garden of Eden. It was rich with plant-life and teeming with animals. It had plenty of water. Today? It’s baren and devoid of those resources. The reason? Climate change. So, please don’t confuse me with a climate change denier. Nothing is further from the…

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