US: Prolific Radical Liberal doxing account ‘Anonymous Comrade Collective’ revealed (Justice Report) 15 Dec 2022


Ex-journo Hilary Elizabeth Sargent of Roslindale, MA

Disclaimer: The Justice Report utterly denounces the act of “doxing” and recognizes it as a tool widely used by bad actors to intimidate, harass, and divide communities for strictly dishonest purposes. The subject of the following article is so prolific in itsdoxing of innocent, private people, however, that we feel morally and ethically compelled to report on their identity.Our communities deserve the right to knowabout the individuals they might share space with.

Hilary Elizabeth Sargent, of Roslindale, MA aka the “Anonymous Comrade Collective.”

The identity behind the prolific “Antifa” doxing blog, the Anonymous Comrade Collective, has finally been revealed. Thanks to the combined efforts of Justice Report staff as well as data obtained by a concerned citizen employed in the tech industry, we were able to confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that the user behind the salacious Twitter handle…

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