A split in the regime


I’ve been watching the Musk/Twitter events with interest.

So far the revelations have only confirmed that which the observant person already knew, and which some others would refuse to acknowledge even if angels descended from the heavens and trumpeted based tidings into their ears.

I assume my reader is already up to speed and needs no further explanation. If you’re not, go see Elon’s account to read the relevant threads, plus the other WrongThink he’s been uttering over there.

But keep your pants on. Elon is not quite One of Us. He seems like a moderate leftie of circa 1990. I don’t think this is a defensive guise; like other renegades from the Liberal World Order, he doesn’t hold any beliefs that would offend an ordinary person, only an overeducated scold.

This is a man who makes electric cars.

His rockets are cool, though.

Elon’s business seems entwined with the…

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