South Africa is a rotten kleptocracy — spiked

Vermont Folk Troth

[…]Farmgate has exposed more than Ramaphosa’s venality, however. It has also brought to the surface the sad reality that the ANC is no longer a political party. Any connection it once had to left-wing [deceptive feel good kumbaya] political ideology, let alone to the anti-Apartheid liberation struggle, disappeared long ago. It is now a kleptocracy that has transformed the state into a corrupt, non-functioning bureaucracy that serves only itself and the new black elite. And it does so at the expense of the people in whose name it supposedly governs. [Harming both ʎǝʇᴉɥM and other Blacks]

[…]Just take a look at the other candidates in the upcoming ANC leadership elections, scheduled for next week. Ramaphosa’s main opponent, far behind him in the polls, is Zweli Mkhize. He resigned as health minister during the Covid pandemic following revelations that his family members profited from procurement contracts. Another possible…

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