Is This The Future For Divorce Lawyers?

To Reclaim Normality

A family law attorney in Lawrenceville, Georgia has been murdered in his office and his office burned down by the husband of one of his female clients who is in the process of divorcing him and whose case the attorney was handling.

While this sort of reaction by men being divorced (especially those being frivorced) is rare, one wonders if the encouragement wives are getting to divorce their husbands for as much cash and prizes as they can carry away is going to send more and more men over the edge. While the marriage rates will continue to decline as men continue to be disincentivized to marry, those who remain within this crumbling institution will continue to face increasingly dire punishments for doing so.

I don’t think that I would have gone after my estranged wife’s lawyer, but then again, a man pushed to the breaking point isn’t exactly thinkimg…

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