Big Beef is to Blame

This is fascinating to me…I’d love to see an update

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TLDR:meat processing industry in the US is an oligopsony. That plus many other factors = high prices, high profits for big corps, and an income loss for actual growers. Republicans and those on the right need to work with willing democrats to bust trusts. I have a bullet point list of some beef industry facts down below. Note: this was drafted some time ago in the Fall of 2021, but is even more relevant now.

When the White House remarked (fall of 2021) that the increase in beef prices at the grocery store were due to the predations of a few companies, commentators on the right reacted with outrage and disbelief. (I encourage you to read the WH paper here). I have not seen a single person with a massive audience question 300% profit margins by companies that own nearly the entire market. To right…

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