Amren 2022

An honest account of the event


A brief fisking. In all cases, emphasis added.

See this.Excerpts:

Once again,the American Renaissance conference was a smoothly organized weekend of fellowship, keen insights, and inspiration.

Very humble.

We began with a cocktail reception on Friday night, whereJared Taylor talked about his very successful speaking engagement at Arizona State Universityorganized by a promising new group, Campus Republicans United.

That’s where he said that Asians are superior to Whites.

On a much more serious note, Mr. Taylor was joined by Sam Dickson and Gregory Hood in a remembrance in honor of our staffer, Chris Roberts,who died suddenly in June.Mr. Taylor noted that the very day before he died, Roberts – his real name was Martin Rojas – had been in a staff meeting, planning, joking, full of ideas as usual.

Note that they have never revealed cause of death. You may say that perhaps the…

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