Emergency Inquiry Play —All Those Bureaucrats Obfuscate, Confuse Giving The Leaders The Ammunition They Need —So Canadians , You Get The Picture——


The Public Order Emergency Inquiry is a flawed process.

The Government investigating itself.Setting the terms of reference , appointing the Commissioner who appoints everyone else . Determines the witnesses ———

Pretty cozy—right?

And how it is all orchestrated!

Leave the spin to the last days .

The final week!

The Play unfolds!

Who leads off ?

Well none other that our spy chief—-whose skill at elasticity —well he’s a spy chief and they’re good at evasion, manipulation——real slick spy stuff .

So he recommends to the PM /Cabinet that while the definition under his Act act says one thing , conditions not met to invoke the the Act , he goes ahead and recommends that the Emergency Act be invoked because he enlarged the definition !!!!

Got that!

The Epoch Timesreporter Noe Chartier reports the spy chief said :

“That opinion was provided, if you want, as a national security…

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