American Cultural Imperialism, Losing Hearts and Minds

New Amsterdam Perennialist

“It doesn’t take long, living outside the Western liberal bubble, to discern how much hatred the United States is drawing to itself for its cultural imperialism having to do with LGBT,” Rod Dreher writes — Through Gritted Teeth, A Good Word For Qatar World Cup Censors. Excerpts:

In summer of 2021, I spoke with two women who are Catholic members of parliament in Uganda, who told me that the US is pushing Africa into the arms of Communist China over its insistence that the Africans affirm LGBT as a condition for aid. We are religious people, the Ugandans said, and this is against our culture. This is a form of imperialism.

Here in the more conservative countries of Europe’s Eastern half, the resentment of the US (and western Europe) on this point is strong and growing, at least based on the conversations I have in my travels… Most people…

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