The Harvest Next Door


Last night we got to witness The Red Wave That Never Happened. Like you’d expect, most of the attention was on the failure of candidates in particular elections, but under the surface was something a bit more consequential.

“Culture is religion externalized” as Henry van Til put it. It may seem self-evident, and it’s confirmed by history. As Christianity spread around the world, it converted civilizations in fundamental ways. The Romans ended their blood sports and child murder. The pagans ended their tree worship and child murder. The Norsemen ended their raiding, pillaging, and child murder. The Aztecs ended their aggressive conquest and child murder. Catch the theme?

The Great Commission makes disciples of all nations and teaches them to obey all that Christ commanded. We convert large numbers of people. And since culture is religion externalized, we see corresponding cultural changes. Cultures still remain distinct – oddly far more…

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