Literal Gas Lighting?

Scattered Shots

Or maybe figurative? Whatever, trying to make a gasoline pun.

I don’t know why this annoyed me so much. I think because it’s such BS and falls inline with all the reset stuff and banning of gas vehicles. The article popped up while I was checking the weather. First to call a 4 or 6 cylinder CJ a gas guzzler is a joke. They’re dinky little cars. Certainly not the most fuel efficient compared to more modern commuters but still not what the term gas guzzler is used for.

The second part about it being popular to swap engines is bogus. I’m not a huge car guy and don’t follow every development but even I know that these electric conversions are usually only done by professional companies just for a lark or for an article. Not for a customer.

Let alone the fact that unless you live right next to…

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