The Left & Democracy — Counter-Currents

Vermont Folk Troth

It is always popular to try to trace the ideological lineage of one’s political opponents back to a particular philosopher. This is not without merit. Marcuse and other New Left Marxists spawned many of the ills that afflict us today, but Leftism can only be properly understood as a governing ideology. It has reigned supreme in Western societies since at least the 1960s, and its subsequent development has not been driven by theorists and their books, but in response to the practical challenges that it has faced as a state religion. It has no bible to which one can refer, but central principles which are held inviolate by its supporters and a mythology supporting them.

One of the most significant developments has been in the Leftist attitude towards democracy. In the nineteenth century, Leftists were ecstatic about the concept. This enthusiasm is so deeply rooted in their ideology that even…

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